Family Vacations Have Really Changed

It used to be Tom and I would wake up early one Saturday morning and drive two hours for our favorite breakfast. We’d take the long way to whatever destination we were headed for stopping to see sites and take it all in. But now, we have a toddler so preparing for and even taking family vacations has really changed.

First off they aren’t as frequent. I think I’ve been begging for a trip since our last adventure for Fourth of July 2015. Finally we are one week out from embarking on our next adventure and I’m already starting to pack for the toddler. 20161021_100115.jpg

I’m not alone in this, am I? I feel like I have to prepare him for any sort of weather, any sort of messy day (he loves dirt)  and any way he could possibly be feeling. Then it’s like do I pack the humidifier? How much diaper cream do I need? Should I bring any medicine in case he gets sick on the road (I was always sick on vacation as a kid)?

It’s exhausting so I try to combat that by packing early so I can go back and change things based on the week’s weather reports and how he’s feeling. I am so excited about this trip! But I can’t help but reflect on how different it is now that our family has grown.

I’m actually pretty proud of us for even trying to continue to pursue our love of road trips with the small person in tow. Here’s hoping for the best!


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