You probably read that and cocked your head to the side like, what does that mean? Joyaltee means my kid doesn’t have to wear boring pants anymore!

Joyaltee is an online shop started by a mom who wanted to stay home with her kids and pursue her passion for sewing. Since 2014 Alix has sold hundreds of upcycled items and she was nice enough to send me a pair to write about today.

Being mom means spending extra time shopping for things that aren’t dull, ugly, or repeated a bunch of times for my, still-exploring-all-interests-so-dont-dress-me-in-head-to-toe-anything toddler. That shopping now includes finding mom and pop shops on Instagram to liven things up, that’s how I stumbled upon Joyaltee. I was attracted by the fact that she was making everything out of old clothes. I was hooked when I saw how these designs were given new life by way of harem pants, shorts, or tees for little ones!

This pair will get a lot of love around here. The colors are easy to match, the pants themselves are incredibly soft and they are just the kind of comfy material you’d expect from an upcycled item. More importantly they don’t hinder the toddler while he’s doing his thing. He’s able to go about his day without caring about whether or not his pants make shenanigans more difficult.


I can’t wait to add a few more pair to our closet and I’ll feel good about it knowing I’m supporting a talented mom of two! Alix has over 25 years sewing experience and her 23,000 Instagram followers who buy up all of her latest styles in a matter of minutes can attest to her talents! Keep your eyes peeled for her next sale!

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