Hitting the Brakes

It’s fairly early on a Monday morning so you may find it odd to be talking about hitting the brakes during a time when people are typically hitting the gas into a new week.

I bring it up because I’ve already had to hit the brakes on myself. What I mean by that is I had to stop myself from becoming overwhelmed by a new week full of tasks and chores. I got caught off guard because mornings are usually a great time for me to organize and plan and feel like I’m kicking butt, but this morning the dark tunnel of too many things to do and not knowing where to start loomed early and I could feel it creeping up and potentially ruining my whole day. Then I stopped. I took a deep breath looked around and began again. It worked this time. It may not always work but I’m so grateful it did this time.


I was able to hit the brakes on myself and I will continue to be reminded of that if the tunnel creeps up again later on. Here’s to a great week!

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