I Don’t Hate My Body

Whew, it is already Wednesday and I’m only now writing my first post for the week –obviously this makes me a slacker. In my defense, I had started a draft on Friday but haven’t yet completed it. I was reflecting on a full and satisfying week.

The reflections came from conversations with a few friends. I have friends in different points in their lives struggling with their unique sets of struggles and it always makes me look at where I am.

I’m the full time stay-at-home Mom to a toddler which is a struggle all its own. It’s an all consuming completely exhausting emotional roller-coaster every single day and that’s not even getting into my own struggles. The past few months I’ve struggled with not having time to workout. Whenever I bring this up people are quick to jump onto the subject of unlost ‘baby weight’ which is not why I want to work out. I don’t hate my mom bod! I don’t hate my body at all. Mom bod, skinny bod, not working out bod. Wanting to exercise is not about hating myself. It’s about honoring myself.

I want to thank my body for carrying the weight of a complicated pregnancy, the weight of a complicated post partum period and the weight of my now 22lb toddler. I want to honor it with care and attention and I want to acknowledge that it won’t continue to get me as far if I don’t take the time to appreciate it.

So this week I stepped into a gym for the first time in MONTHS! I may not get back there for a few more days, but I took the first step and made time to honor my body.


Now pardon me while I go back to struggling with being a mom to a sick toddler.

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