Small Things, Big Impact

I didn’t plan it this way but it would appear this week has a theme for me: small things to make a big impact. In my previous post I outlined some small and attainable goals I set for myself this week, now I know it’s only Tuesday but I am pumped to say, so far so good!

I already cleaned my room and doing so lead me to the next goal of being more intentional with myself and giving myself some space that was clean and full of good energy. Some of that energy is found in trinkets from loved ones and some in these Alex & Ani bracelets. My small collection of bracelets had sat hidden in my nightstand drawer for way too many months and I was very happy to dig them out yesterday.

Today with intention I put three on with the hopes that the clink of their metal against each other would remind me of what kind of energy I began my day with so I could carry it with me.


I chose the lotus, which is a symbol of our ability to bring new life out of the muck. Next was the Buddha who reminds us to go quietly within ourselves to seek wisdom and peace. Finally the LOVE charm because we should always walk through live with love. Love for ourselves and love for those around us.

Here’s hoping I can carry this momentum with me all day and through the week!

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