Weekly Goals

They say you can stay on track with a personal journey by setting small and attainable goals. When the days run together and you can’t remember if you brushed your teeth, that can be a challenge.

But here goes:

  • This week I will prepare delicious but SIMPLE meals that will not take me six hours to prepare. (Dinner time is challenging as almost any mom of small people can tell you, so I need to make an effort to make this time of day easier on me.)
  • This week Jackson and I will try new things. (Like story time at a different library)
  • This week I will clean my room!

It’s a small list, but I think accomplishing these items will help me make the most of my days this week. I hope you have a great week too and feel free to share your goals with me!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Goals

  1. Yey!
    On similar grounds, possibly because I’m sharing the parenting vortex, here goes:

    1. I’m planning to use the crockpot for a few meals (less cleaning more free hands…less multitasking).

    2. I want to go the park in the grove and actually run around (not just swing kids)…I’m going to count it as exercise 🤓

    3. Lastly, I seriously need a haircut…it’s going to be a field trip

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