Knocked Up and I’m Just Not Feelin’ It

Congrats, you’re knocked up! Now that you know your missed period is not just a fluke have fun navigating the utterly endless, contradictory and mostly non-factual information about you and your new wombmate.

Don’t get me wrong, I am totally stoked about meeting our little person and was relieved as hell when my midwife said I could continue doing any and all activities I had already been doing. I was really looking forward to keeping the regular workout regimen I had build for myself. But at almost half way through I feel like pregnancy has been another tale of, things people don’t tell you because if they did you’d never go through with it.

Take the first trimester for example. All you ever hear people complain or sigh in relief about is morning sickness. But they grossly (and I suspect, purposely) failed to mention the resemblance of the first trimester of pregnancy to PMS. Yes, you read correctly, PMS. I swore in those first few weeks I was giving life to the worlds largest cheeseburger because that’s all I wanted to eat. Pair that with a certain all around whiny and complaininess about me and yea, pretty much sounds like PMS to me.

At about 14 or so weeks I started to feel like myself again. Phew! I’ll start working out now, I said. Not so fast. I read on a list somewhere that pregnant women are lazy, but never in my life have I been so compelled to do nothing but make a dent in my couch for hours on end. Don’t get me wrong, there has been some working out. Walking, a couple pre-natal yoga classes and some weights because I know it will make for a better labor and recovery. I try to rationalize with myself and find balance between carbs and cardio, but man, it would be easier to get a nun to go to a bar!

I thought for sure I’d feel more like Heidi Powell given my recently found ‘fit chick’ status, but sadly I feel more like Honey Boo Boo. It’s kind of motivating at this point, I am making a real effort to just move more and try not to define my workouts so much. Just find things that feel good, that will help me sleep, (I may write a whole other post about pregnancy sleep) and that make me feel normal.

I’m hoping to feel more like this picture as my pregnancy progresses, if for no other reason than I know I will feel like Wonder Woman when I can catch my little bean in my arms at birth.


Did you ever feel like no one ever told you something about pregnancy, kids, marriage or anything? I feel like it happens a lot! Share your horror stories and giggles alike!

One thought on “Knocked Up and I’m Just Not Feelin’ It

  1. Pretty much was on the same boat as you! I had this all planned out for years as to how I was going to live this beautiful and healthy lifestyle while pregnant, especially since I had finally achieved my long-awaited goal of a size 2 (and kept it there for 3 years).


    Enjoy the second trimester… it’s when you’ll feel the best. The third tri is the first tri all over again, but worse. I stopped working out (until the last 2 weeks where I walked/hiked 4 miles daily to get the baby out!) I ate fast food for the first time in years while pregnant, and although I am usually the hyperactive, nonstop one in the relationship, I had sat on the couch and binge-watched so many shows that my husband was the one that finally had enough and dragged me outside. ME.

    Some advice no one told me- UP YOUR FIBER INTAKE NOW. You’ll thank me. Also, keep an open mind to how you want your labor to go. I had my gorgeous birth plan typed up and all. I wanted to go all-natural and did very well until I reached the third (yup, you read it right, third) day of labor, baby was coming out sunny-side up, and baby disengaged. At that point, I got the epidural, and at 9 cm dilated, I stalled for hours. So the best option for us after three long, grueling days was a c-section. I cried and cried until I realized that at that point, I just wanted what was best for me and my baby. Some of my friends that went in very close-minded had postpartum depression and not-so pretty turnouts. 😦

    Oh, last thing: I LOATHED when people told me to sleep now, because you won’t get sleep when the baby arrives. Third-tri is HORRENDOUS for sleep. Between pregnancy insomnia, night sweats, being huge and uncomfortable, and hemmies, I spent days at a time not sleeping. I am actually more rested now with an 8 week old newborn then I had the last 3 months of my pregnancy. So don’t stress out if you can’t rest at the end!

    Love your blog! 😉

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