It’s Not all New Jeans and Muscle Definition: Check in on Your Change

You may or may not have noticed but for about a year now I’ve been making some major life changes. A little alarm went off in my head while on vacation last year and I came home determined to make myself better. I won’t go too far into it (not for this post at least), but that change has been going really well; that was until I decided to go to the dentist.

You see, my change is not just about my pant size or fitting into a bikini. My change is about being a better me overall. So my mental to do list includes things like doing more of what makes me happy, but it also involves being a better grown up. By that I mean I’m getting regular checkups and yes, that includes dental checkups – UGH!

I have a similar story as most people who don’t like the dentist, I had a bad experience and it made me never want to go back. But at nearly 30 I realized there is no use in looking great if I don’t feel totally great. While the biggest part of feeling great has come from watching my body do what I, for so long, convinced myself it couldn’t the other part is all the superficial stuff no one likes to talk about.

Having found myself covering my mouth when I laughed and self consciously trying to pick food out of my teeth because I just could not suck-it-out, I decided to suck it up and head to a dentist!.

I’m half way through repairing the cavities I accumulated over 5 years of neglecting my teeth and I’m excited! Not just for conquering this childhood/childish fear but for being able to check off one more thing on my journeys to do list!

The moral of the story is this: If you’re on this journey for yourself, take some time to check your to do list. Check something off a different column every once in a while. You’ll feel just as good about accomplishing this goal as any of your fitness or weight goals!

One thought on “It’s Not all New Jeans and Muscle Definition: Check in on Your Change

  1. how wonderful that is! congratulations on this great journey that you are doing! wishing you lots of success and happiness. cheers

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