Progress,not Perfection (or why I had cookies last week and don’t feel bad about it)

Because we’ve all got a goal we’re chasing!


First, my latest achievement in one month of clean eating, Turbofire and Shakeology:Image

I know I disappeared for a while folks, but, life happened last week in the form of a major conference with work so I was ripped away from my desk and working hard for the money.

It was quite a challenge, as the conference required me to be on my feet at all times, with no access to a kitchen to plan my meals, and so dead tired at the end of each day that the thought of me turning on Turbofire made my soul hurt.

So I missed three days of Turbofire, and tried to make the best of my eating choices at the hotel ( veggies, not too many white carbs, the occasional pastelito when schmoozing with others, maybe a glass of sangria or five).

My point is, this shit is going to happen. Theā€¦

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