Love and the Lobotomy

“There’s nothin’ in the face. Just like one of those store dummies.” Chief Bromden in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest… 

Relationships vary, I think we all know that. Friendships, marriages, acquaintances, we’ve all had one or a few of these growing up. Some relationships though, look like the quote above – I call these, Store Dummy Relationships.

Store Dummies are people in relationships who forget. They forget where they are, who they are, what they want out of life, and mostly they forget how to do what’s best for themselves. They become, for the purposes of this post, store dummies.

Store dummies are walking among us on a daily basis, they are those people in relationships who say one thing but want another, they have total disregard for their well-being, and they do everything in their power to keep their significant other as close to subliminal happiness as possible.

They make me question the definition of love…

Is the definition of love subjective? Relationships are all different in dynamic and look, so is it the same with the word and sentiment behind love? Isn’t love typically two compatible people building a life together where they are free to grow and better themselves whilst still being supportive, committed, and dedicated to their relationship?

That’s what love is to me (the short version, at least)  and it pains me to see so many people in these relationships hurting themselves. I’m talking about the people who turn a blind eye to abuses, physical or emotional, about the people who have completely abandoned their own beliefs, and mostly the people who have zero regard for how they feel and think that making their partner happy is going to some how fulfill them for eternity. Newsflash folks, it doesn’t work that way!

Shame on these people! They tarnish what a good relationship is all about! How can youngsters, lost souls, or hopeless romantics recognize and hold on to the belief of thriving, loving relationships if all these store dummies are walking around doing it wrong?!

I know I technically could sit idly by and wait for the rose colored glasses to lose their effects but it’s not in my nature to idle. I want to grab all of these store dummies and show them their worth, show them that some mistakes are not worth making, mostly I want to show them that when you value yourself a valuable love will come.

No amount of maneuvering can make a relationship between two store dummies work, in the end, they cannot move freely so they cannot find a way to fit together.

They just don't fit...

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