Shoes Can Change Lives and not just for Cinderella

A while back I started hearing a buzz about this company, Toms. At First I thought it was just another shoe fad hitting the streets, you know the kind that would have every other person in the country running around in Toms discussing cool they were for wearing these kind of funny looking shoes. I really thought the donation angle was going to a way for yuppys to make themselves feel they were contributing to something — I was wrong.  After some reading I found out that Toms is legit, they produce shoes in 3 countries and distribute them in 23 countries and as of their last report they have distributed 1 million pairs of shoes worldwide! Incredible!

Normally  I wouldn’t write about products but in this case I have to say Toms is worthy of the exception. I broke down one day as I was strolling through my local Nordstrom shoe section and decided I was going to give these puppies a try, moments later I was in love. Did you know Toms has basically taken the most simple equation for shoes and put it on shelves for us at an exceptional price?! Ah-mazing! They combine soft fabrics with the most some insanely comfy soles — not just any kind of comfy, I’m talking about walking through the airport travelling kind of comfy. Once I slipped my foot into this shoe I was hooked.

Once I got my new kicks home I did some research. I really wanted to find out what was behind all of this. Is Toms legit? How do they differ from the other charities I’ve become so skeptical of? It’s quite simple, first they are not a charity per-se. They are a for profit company who essentially turns each customer into a donation except instead of taking my money and throwing a race or party or giving me a t-shirt, Toms is going out and making shoes for children in need — amazing right?!

Why shoes you say? I think a lot of people ask that question because Toms has a whole section of their website dedicated to explaining that. 

If they can do this great stuff and make me a comfy shoe at the same time I am all for it. FYI, they’ve also branched out into eye-wear and are continuing the one for one concept. I say, keep up the good work!

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