My Furry Maniac

Some people would describe themselves as animals lovers, I would not. That is, not until a little furry maniac named Moe made his way into my life.

In true digital age fashion I found Moe while browsing an online pet finding site. Yes, I found my dog on Match for animals! I saw his little face and knew we had to meet him. Yes, the decision to bring Moe home was not one I made on my own. My often amazing, never disappointing counterpart who is an avid dog lover convinced me I would love having a dog at home and like many other times in our relationship he was right.

The minute this feisty guy saw us he knew we were hooked – all it took was one belly rub. We bought him a bowl, a leash and a bed and were off to show him his new home.

Flash forward a few weeks, the maniac is settled into his new home, he tells us when he has to pee and what foods / toys he does not like and I have gotten over the idea that he likes “dad” more than he does me. I look at him in the morning, half asleep as he stares at me from inside his cozy bed and I wonder – how did I become this loving of a dog?

My two guys!

Historically friends and family will tell you that I subscribe to the belief that dogs were meant to guard the home and were not supposed to be small enough to fit in your purse. I also believed dogs should be kept outside and did not enjoy them invading my personal space with their hair, smells and saliva, gross! Things are different now, with Moe I feel like he understands me and my limitations. He’s not a kisser, does not drool and is kinda sorta getting the hang of this whole, he is not allowed on the bed thing. I feel guilty when I get really mad at him for having an accident in the living room or running away from me during a walk but I think that frustration will pass over time as we continue to get to know each other.

For right now, I love him with his little doggy faults and all – I did not know I could do that. Love an animal unconditionally? It is a strange and new place for me, but then again if we are not putting ourselves in strange new places than I do not believe we are really living.

3 thoughts on “My Furry Maniac

  1. OMG Vane what a so cute blog. I was also raised with animals being “working” companions. Im in my 3rd day with a 7 week old kitty that I am looking forward to spoiling rotten. Enjoy!

    • Awe Vane, this was so heart felt and honest to read. I as you know have always been a huge cat lover but years ago when I had two dog’s I like you was amazed at how close you become to an animal. They are just like your own kids, and a part of the family. Enjoy little Moe and your other darling Tom ❤

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