I’ll be there for you – No really, I will.

We’ve all seen that show where five friends share their lives and their coffee in the middle of Manhattan, we have all handed out special Valentine’s Day cards to those we love most on that special day and we have all made the conscious choice to share, with a few select people more than we share with most.

Today, I have no episode, no holiday and no choice to make – I have only to declare up front and in the open that without my truest dearest friends I would be lost. Today, on a random Tuesday I can sit here and name on one hand those who would come for me in a storm, those who would sit by my death bed and those who would look after my future if I was not around to live it.

What sparked this gratitude, of course something has to have, right? Well, yes, my gratitude today is sparked by our involuntary vulnerabilities in life, it is sparked by the changes that come with each breathe we take and it is sparked by the peace of mind I live in knowing these people are near me, even when they are not. The people who have told me they would be there and proved it, are the most incredible people I have ever met. In my short 27 years on this planet, living this fumbling mess of a life I have been so fortunate and continue to be reminded of said fortune every time I pick up their call, or are greeted by their hug or made to feel better by their touch. They are each a piece of me, not like a memory or a fond nail polish color, I mean like an organ, vital and necessary for life. They each play a role in who I am in the world and I reciprocate their affections by trying to return the favor. I can only hope to be part of what they are to me.

I will live my life returning the favor of their friendship. Not because I have to or because it is expected but because I genuinely care for these people and they genuinely care for me, we are, as cliché as it may sound, a family. Our lives are intertwined, our love is spread and shared and our futures rest on each other’s happiness. On this, or any other random Tuesday I can call on them or they me and I rest assured knowing all needs will be met and all woes will be corrected.

I have no show, no holiday, no new choices to make but what I have is gratitude towards those I call friends. As precious as if they were born in like family and essential as if they were my brain or my heart.

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