One For All & All For Food?

On the heels of the Sobe Wine and Food Fest taking over our fair city, it dawned on me that this is a jip!

Aren’t the days of good food for those who can afford it behind us? Didn’t our fore fathers fight for the right to five star dining way before many of us were born?

Have we overfed the Food Network monster, thus making chefs like Emeril Lagasse and Michael Symon too big to touch?

Maybe our fore fathers didn’t have much to do with it, but somewhere along the lines the same people who gave us access to the chefs we admire today made them unattainable. Why would I pay $300 ++ dollars to see Rachel Ray in person when she is going to be surrounded by beefy body guards? Food Network seems to have forgotten their very humble beginnings and the ring leaders of events such as SOBEWFF and NYWFF just remind others that they are not rich enough to attend events for foodies.

You’re thinking, I’m jealous and going on a whiney rant because I don’t have a ticket to a single event – you’re wrong. Sure there is a little piece of me that would have loved to be at Burger Bash with friends, enjoying people watching and free booze, but I do not believe many true foodies would pay to go to events like that, and the facade presented by the event is for those who want to say they are foodies, but they seem to just be people who can afford to throw money around at a who’s who event.

Whether it’s a Michelin star or a star on the walk of fame, shouldn’t people just be people? Yes, I was shaking like a teenage boy in a porn shop when it was my turn to shake hands with Anthony Bourdain at the Barnes and Noble in Union Square, that didn’t stop him from laughing off a nervous joke and being human. Yes, fan fare gets annoying, and people interrupting your daily life is something most of us will never have to learn to live with but with the amount of buzz around events like SOBEWFF couldn’t there be at least one event that inched a bit closer to a price range real foodies could afford? Don’t they know kids like us spend all our money on food?

I guess it will just remain a case of the haves against the have nots – I say take a couple of these chefs and stick them at the Tamiami Food Truck Court, they will have a better time than surrounded by snooty psudofoodies in a tent on South Beach!

One thought on “One For All & All For Food?

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