Year-end Wrap Up (or something like that)

Everyone’s got a New Year’s blog post and I guess I’m no different – except that mine is almost a full month late!

I opted to wait until the first day of the New Year to start to write mine to make sure I didn’t leave anything out from 2010 that would need to be recalled in 2011. Why would I need to recall anything you ask? Well, it’s because 2010 was such a monumental year for me that I cannot imagine remembering every lesson learned without some help. I also want to use this post as a thank you to all those who stood by me in 2010.
The close circle of people around me this year have a lot to do with how it turned out. From my family who opened their arms and homes to me when I decided to make an impromptu move cross country, to the friends who came and got me when I was ready to come home. Each person I came in contact with this year was not just an acquaintance, they were each a rule, a lesson and a memory that I would soak into my mind and take with me onto the next adventure.
Could I be so lucky to have done such crazy things and not only come out unscathed, but better?! How could I not be grateful? No worries, I am. I am so grateful for those around me and all the lessons I encountered I cannot remember ever feeling this way in my 20 something years on this planet. Gratitude!

All my antics took something from within me, something I hadn’t seen in myself for quite some time, more than guts, arrogance or bravado my actions in 2010 took courage. I found the courage to leave home, the courage to learn the way other people lived and appreciate their differences, I found the courage to love people I had never before known I could and I found the courage to wear my feelings be them good or bad on the sleeve of the shirt I wore each day. I also discovered that sometimes failures can be victories in disguise. Finally, acknowledging that my plan wasn’t the right plan was the bravest part. Courage!

We learn not too long after kindergarten that a thumbs up does not a long-lasting friend make. I learned in 2010 that the friends I kept influenced the person I wanted to be. So, I trimmed the fat on the friends list of my life and turned the focus to the few people who understood who I am and accepted me anyway. I look around my dining room table today with the confidence to tell you, my reader, that those who sit at either side of me and break bread are those who I have chosen as family in my adult life. Their friendship means to me as much as the life of a blood relative ever would – they are the chosen family. When we reach an age where we can decide who to spend time with, they have been the ones at the front lines of my life time and time again. They are the reason the world can kick my ass day in and day out and I roll with the punches. My Friendships make me a better person.
As 2011 begins and 2010 becomes more and more of a distant memory I have a lot of work to do. I have many goals set before me in this new year: education, health and travel being the top 3. I must also remember to write – I do not want to continue to neglect this blog! Most importantly, I want to live in the moment and not wait for one to present itself. We all know how limited time is so monotony is not an option.

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