Umm… I joined Weight Watchers!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…. Happy New Year!!!!

Ok, that part was all good and fun, I drank my champagne, saw every fire work from Bayfront to Sunny Isles and kissed the most awesome boyfriend ever when the clock struck midnight.
Now that the smoke has settled and the holiday frenzy is over, I am supposed to be getting on with this New Year’s Resolution garbage, and I am not so sure I buy into it.
What is so magical about January 1, insert year here that makes things so much more attainable? Why do we depend on the tick of the clock or the flip of the switch to motivate us to change who we are – can change not be as effective on Wednesday April 14th? 

Whether it can or not, I do not have the answer, all I know is that to me it feels like once the Holiday ferris wheel has stopped spinning I like to take a look at the past year and the year ahead and assess what I can do differently that may be more effective positively in my life.
This year my health is the focus, mental, physical and spiritual. I want to grow as much as possible as a person in 2011 and in order to do so I have to make sure my vessel of travel in this life is in tip top shape.
This morning I took the first step, I began my day at a Weight Watchers meeting. I know, you are thinking that a simple fad diet is not going to give me the change I need to be more healthy. What you are not thinking is that I am not looking at Weight Watchers as a temporary fix to an expanding waste line, I am looking at Weight Watchers as a reminder of how to make better choices, not because I do not love a greasy burger just as much as the next guy but because I know that greasy burger costs me another notch on the belt!
Stay tuned for more posts about adventures in healthy eating!

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