Perfect doesn’t mean Forever

We all grew up on fairy tales of princes and knights and love conquers all. Then we wake up one day to broken homes, abusive men and countless other anti fairy tale scenarios. It can be quite a traumatic experience. We lick our wounds and build new ideals for our chosen companions, things like brains over brawn, languages versus sung lyrics and family values versus a castle on the hill.


We’ve resorted to meeting online instead of at the ball and have even recently been told that maybe a lovely Duke of a man is better consolation to a pompous Prince who may never show his face. Luckily for us, the Gods of all things love occasionally place a person in our path to remind us how good perfection can really feel, even if only for a moment.

They always say, it comes to you when you’re not looking for it. The kismet power of an unlikely companion, the rush of knowing you weren’t meant to fall for each other and the incredible feeling you get when you realize you did anyway. It may not be butterflies and rainbows but the connection is unmistakable. This person gets your humor, reads your expressions with confident accuracy and thinks you’re incredible flaws and all. The mutuality of it makes it all the more uncanny, how did this happen, where did this person come from, and how long will this last? Sometimes, it’s not long. Not long at all.

Whether circumstance, age or timing something lets us know this is nothing but a passing moment of happiness and not an opportunity for lifelong love. As sad as we may be at the idea that this is expiration date love we should regale in the learning and love that lies within our temporary companions’ time.

Placed in our path for a reason only to be uncovered in taking the risk let these people remind you why you endure the pain, kiss the frogs and fight the demons. Their lessons are tailored somehow to guide us. They remind us of our path, teach us lessons we didn’t know we needed to learn or do something for us we couldn’t do for ourselves.

Their time may be limited, but their love is as perfect as a picture. Frozen, untouched by the elements and unrelenting despite all odds. Treat them as you would a shooting star, make a wish and watch them fall into the night, never to be seen again.


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